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Feedback from our community

As a therapist I regularly encourage my clients to recognize the importance of remaining mindful of not only our emotional state and how that affects others around us, but how other’s emotions in turn affect us. Empathy without assumption. I have saved each of your emails and showed my wife. She then introduced the concept to colleagues. ”
Your writing resonated with me instantly because the language you chose to explain EQ was simple, clear, which made it understandable. Thank you for having the foresight to know that is what a lot of people are looking for! ”
It's the first time I take part in an online course that in few days changed my mind and the way I experience everything in my life. ”
I first came across you when I was in rehab for alcohol abuse. Well, I've been using your amazing advice and tips and my life is great! I got my job back; I'm in management again. You have helped me without even knowing it. Thank you.
I feel like I just had a psychologist appointment. Thank you! ”
The simplicity and reality of the rules fit in with any stage of life. You have incredible value in what you are doing. ”
Your emails are saving my sanity during difficult personal and professional times. ”
Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift. Your interpretation of the info and extremely specific, super-helpful analogies and recommendations are unique and priceless. ”
What's confronting (but valuable) is that as I read your points, cringing at remembering situations past that I completely failed and wishing I could turn back the clock... but it's how we often learn from our burn. Will keep pressing on doing better next time. Thanks for putting this together. ”
I have adult ADHD, so these tips are amazing for people like me, for time management. ”
I am really enjoying the lessons. I am a retired teacher…My husband and I raised six kids and nine grandchildren. I loved hearing about your journey to where you are now and I am so appreciative that you share your real life in your lessons. ”
I sent my friend the link to the course and she has been enjoying it as much as I have. ”
Our whole company is reading your daily emails and we are studying EQ to be better people: for ourselves, our families, and our company! Godspeed and thank you. ”
I have to say, this is one of the best newsletter mails I have received. ”
I learned about your course through reading your emotional IQ articles in Inc. Magazine. They have been so helpful. I am a mother of 2 emerging adults, ages 17 and 15, one on the autism spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to share your talents and skills with those around you. ”

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