Build Real-World Emotional Intelligence (Cohort-Based Course)

Emotional Intelligence to help you excel.

Building Real-World Emotional Intelligence is a 2-week course led by Justin Bariso that combines live workshops and seminars with question-and-answer sessions, designed to teach you how to take control of your emotions to better reach your goals and live the life you want.


  • Your emotions often get in the way of reaching your goals or living your best life
  • You want to improve your relationships with others
  • You want to learn how to better deal with pressure or stress
  • You suffer from “imposter syndrome”
  • You’re a leader of a team and want to lead with greater emotional intelligence
  • You’d love to read EQ Applied (the book), but you’re not a reader or you lack time
  • You’d like to hear me explain the concepts of emotional intelligence directly
  • You’re more of a visual learner, and the idea of a class appeals to you
  • You want the accountability of a live, cohort-based course
  • You have specific questions that you’d like to ask me directly
  • You’d like to learn from others’ questions, too


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What You’ll Get

When you enroll you get access to the next cohort of Building Real-World Emotional Intelligence, all inclusive of the one-time signup fee.

This is a systematic, two-week course that will help you better understand what emotional intelligence is, give you the tools to develop your EQ, and provide a plan for continuing to build emotional intelligence for the rest of your life.

You’ll hear interesting stories, discover scientific research, and most of all learn practical tips that help you understand and manage emotions in a way that can make you a better manager or team lead, teammate, husband, wife, parent, and friend.

We’ll meet twice a week for two weeks over Zoom, where I’ll present the core ideas and use real-life examples to demonstrate how they work. Then, we’ll discuss how each of these ideas can be implemented in different scenarios. There’s also at least two Q&A sessions per event where you’ll get the chance to ask questions directly to me, through chat or verbally.

There’s no homework or required reading (although I will provide some additional resources and links for those who want them). I know everyone is busy so we’ve packed these sessions with as much information and value as possible.


  • Sessions: 4x live Zoom sessions over the course of 2 weeks.
  • Session length: 1 hour (and I’ll stick around for a little after each session if there are still questions).
  • Content availability: Each live session is recorded in case you miss, or just want to review.
  • Instructor: Yours truly.

Upcoming cohort

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1 Introduction to Emotional Intelligence: Learn a simple, practical, one sentence definition of emotional intelligence you’ll never forget. Discover the four abilities of emotional intelligence, how they relate to one another, and why each is important. Learn the difference between EI and EQ, and why it matters. Explore how to take emotional intelligence out of the classroom, and apply it to your everyday life.


2 Self-Awareness and Self-Management: A thorough analysis of the two foundational abilities of emotional intelligence. Learn about the scientifically grounded “Big Five” personality model, and how this can help you get to know yourself. Understand how thoughts and habits affect your emotions, why and how you should treat all feedback as a gift, and how you can train and hone your emotional abilities.


3 Social Awareness and Relationship Management: A deep dive into the three different types of empathy. Learn how empathy can help but also harm you, and how you can develop “emotionally intelligent empathy.” Discover what the FBI’s top negotiator taught me about emotional intelligence, including the secret to getting people to share more about their thoughts and feelings. Explore seven core qualities that will help you cultivate deeper, healthier, more loyal relationships—along with practical exercises to help you continue to build those qualities.


4 The Dark Side & Moving Forward: Uncover a little-known secret about emotional intelligence: There’s a dark side. Understand exactly what it is and how you can protect yourself. Finally, participate in a summary and review of the core teachings of the course, learn why you want to be a student and not an expert, and discuss strategies for applying what you’ve learned and continuing your journey of building emotional intelligence.


How much does it cost?

The current price for this course is $299.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

Each session is recorded, so you’re welcome to review whenever convenient for you.

I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?

Only two hours a week, one on Monday and one on Thursday. There’s no required homework and if you miss a session you’re welcome to watch the recording.

How long will I have access to the course material?

The recordings will be accessible indefinitely, so you can watch them the next day, the next week, or even the next year.

How much access do I get to Justin?

I’ll teach each lesson and will personally lead the question and answer sessions personally.

What’s the difference between the courses Build Real-World Emotional Intelligence and The Rules of Emotional Intelligence?

The content of the two courses are 95% different from each other.

Build Real-World Emotional Intelligence (or, Build EQ), covers emotional intelligence in a comprehensive way, exploring all four abilities (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management). Additionally, Build EQ is primarily live, so you’ll get to ask questions and get answers directly in class. (However, sessions will also be recorded for those who can’t make it live.)

The Rules of Emotional Intelligence (or, The Rules), does not cover emotional intelligence as a whole. Instead, the content focuses on two areas of emotional intelligence, self-management and relationship management. This course gives you a toolbox of “rules” or guiding principles that help you practice emotional intelligence. We will introduce and cover some of these rules in Build EQ, but not in as much detail as The Rules. Additionally, The Rules is an “on demand” course, meaning it’s all pre-recorded and there is no live element.

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Interested in attending? The next cohort will begin in the near future. Click the button below to join the waitlist and get updates.


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