Tom Hanks Drops Some Wisdom About Emotional Intelligence

tom hanks
So…Spring has officially sprung.
The longer days can be great–as long as you use them wisely! A great tip from friend Kevin Kruse, whose book 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management I really enjoyed: Set a time to leave work; then, treat it like an important appointment that you just can’t miss.
Because there will always be more to get done.
Here are the highlights from last month:
Best Advice
Everybody loves Tom Hanks–but he wasn’t always so popular. In this article, the multiple Oscar winner drops the best career advice you’ll hear today.
The topic of what makes up a great company culture is complex, but it really begins with this single action.
Thinking of Quitting?
This post was inspired by a young man I’ve had the privilege of mentoring over the past year or so. I was able to pass on some great advice that I received when I was his age…Hopefully it helps some of you, too.
Here’s a follow-up article to the previous one, inspired by the large number of readers who reached out with different circumstances–specifically, they hate their job. Everyone’s situation is different. But if you’re feeling paralyzed, try this.
Emotional Intelligence for Everyone
Understanding the difference between these two key qualities will help you better understand yourself–and others.
Want to make your emotions work for you, instead of against you? Here’s a short guide to getting started.
And, as most of you already know: I’m publishing my first book in Aug/Sep 2016! 
That’s why I’d love to hear from you: What situations and problems are you facing, that you feel developing EQ could help with?
Please reach out through LinkedInTwitter, or email: I’ll try to respond personally to as many messages as possible. This will also help me make the book as practical and useful as possible.
As always, thanks so much for reading–and for all your support. If you think of someone who might enjoy the newsletter or the upcoming book, please share using the buttons below.
More about the book: Emotional Intelligence: How to Develop the Ultimate Skill for Everyday Life (working title) won’t be a dull, theoretical analysis of EI and EQ. Instead, I’ll show how emotional intelligence works in real life, complete with interesting (true) anecdotes to which you can relate. Additionally, I’ll provide a series of practical steps that can help you improve your own EQ development.

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tom hanks

Tom Hanks Drops Some Wisdom About Emotional Intelligence

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You really make the concepts very easy to understand.
You’ve helped me in so many ways.
Really practical advice delivered in a simple form.
I feel like I just had a psychologist appointment. Thank you!
This is exactly what I needed at this point in my life.
Your EQ Rules of life have helped in more ways than I expected.
The language you chose to explain EQ was simple and clear, which made it understandable.
As a social worker I really found this to be helpful.
I have adult ADHD, so these tips are amazing for people like me, for time management.
I especially appreciate your heart centered approach.
I enjoy every lesson.
Really helpful advice & lovely writing style, not to mention perfect timing.
I truly look forward to each email.
The simplicity and reality of the rules fit in with any stage of life.
Loving your course. Wish I did this 30 years ago.
Your emails are on my "open first" list. Excellent advice and insights.
So inspiring, encouraging, and educational.
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Truly life-changing!
Your emails are the basis for conversations I have with my son and nephew.
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